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Better Methods for Successful Classrooms

Give your teachers the tools they need to run an effective classroom. D.E.A.R. Management Consulting Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offers teacher training, teacher development, conflict management, student leadership, and creative problem solving, helping educators better reach out to and understand their students.

Teacher Training

Teacher & Staff Development

No student learns in exactly the same way. Our teacher development program is designed to help you understand the learning process as well as recognize the considerable difference in how learners perceive information. With our help, you can better reach difficult students and give them the tools they need to achieve academic success.

Teaching Process

Understand and apply motivation theory after you attend this training. We walk you through how needs, aspirations, goals, and stimulating actions affect daily learning, making it easier for you to reflect on your teaching methods and grow as an instructor.

Diverse Perspectives

Dive deeper into how diversity and race affect curriculum and instruction strategies. Our speakers help you find ways to address personal bias and motivate students.

Student Standard & Assessment

Effectively plan and implement your curriculum with our specialized training program. This workshop teaches you how to understand curriculum design models, create a framework for instruction, and align your existing curriculum with anticipated outcomes.