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Helping Students Succeed & Find A Career

Help your students uncover their true potential through the student leadership programs offered by D.E.A.R. Management Consulting Company. Our team provides a variety of prepared programs targeted at students in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area from fifth grade through college. We teach every participant the value of a good education, inspire students to focus on finding a career, and emphasize the importance of making it to graduation.

Students Studying

Teaching Process

Understand how learning occurs-how people process information, acquire skills, and develop thoughtful, inquiring minds- and the implications of the learning process for effective teaching.

Student Character Development

Encourage students to work harder, learn more, and love school through our character development program. We teach vital strategies that build character and emphasize study practices and test-taking skills. Our goal is to build positive student-teacher relationships and address negative behaviors while improving:

Grades | Attendance Rates | Overall Attitude

Guest Speaking

Prepare your students for higher education with this motivational talk. We talk to kids about the importance of a quality education as well as maintaining a stellar GPA. With a focus on preparing for high school and college, our talk strongly emphasizes choosing a career goal and understanding how that goal connects to education.