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About Mr. Michael Buckner Sr.

Mr. Michael Buckner Sr. is a member of  Toastmasters International, an educational administrative consultant and a highly respected speaker who offers more than 20 years of experience in human resources, administration, and teaching. A decisive and visionary leader, he has a track record of setting direction and high expectations, creating team-focused, learning-oriented environments, championing clear values, and guiding the decision-making process. He uses forward-thinking and resourceful problem-solving skills to effectively define issues, collect data, establish facts, and provide creative solutions. An articulate and persuasive communicator, Mr. Buckner is adept at effectively conveying information to help you achieve your educational management goals.

Military Background

While in the military, Mr. Buckner's experience in Human Resources taught him valuable leadership skills. He knew when he retired that he wanted to use those skills to offer mentoring and coaching to students and teachers, helping to improve our country's education system. Mr. Buckner found his calling through a popular program called Troops to Teachers. This Department of Defense program recruits talented military personnel who are just retiring and teaches them to be strong, effective teachers.


B.A. Business Administration - Columbia College, St. Louis, MO
M.A. Human Resource Development - Columbia College, St. Louis, MO
M.A. School Leadership - Concordia College, Riverside, IL